Ruslan Organizes Oil Platform Component Flight

Oil_platformRuslan International, the company that manages the combined Antonov An-124 fleets of their shareholders Antonov Airlines and Volga Dnepr Airlines, has arranged the transport of your 101-tonne oil platform component from Bergen, Norway, to Busan, while on an An-124 flight.The shipment contains a separator and a couple support frames and also other loading equipment. The separator measured 11.59 meters long, 3.92 meters wide and 6.04 meters high, which exceeded the aircraft’s main cabin height of four.4 meters, this company said inside a statement.

To unravel the load problem, Ruslan International’s load planners designed support cradles that enabled force to be supported after rotating it 90 degrees. The burden then had an offset center of gravity within the cargo cabin, which required special approval from the aircraft’s designers, Antonov Design Bureau.

One more 5 tonnes of kit for unloading was carried on a different flight. The An-124 aircraft flew from Bergen to Busan via Helsinki (Finland), Novosibirsk (Russia) and Tianjin (China).