BMS Davinci


As member of the BMS group of companies, BMS Davinci is located in the city of Bryne, approximately 35km south of Stavanger in Norway. Our vision is to expand in the competitive offshore and marine market by offering the best custom designed winches and lifting products on the market.

We represent your partner of choice for tailor-made hydraulic and electrical driven CTUW (constant tension umbilical wenches) and AHCUW (active heave compensation umbilical winches).

High quality standard winches

Traditionally, we supply various markets with the well known Bryne winch in standard sizes from 2t to 12t. Based on cast iron rigid frames and a choice of high quality materials, the products have gained an excellent reputation throughout the industry for outstanding reliability, performance and long life. Daily use under maritime conditions for more than 10 – 15 years is not unusual.

Electrical and hydraulic tailored special umbilical winches

Following strategic decisions related to expansion and product development over the years we have broadened our ability to serve additional offshore and marine markets. We combine traditional, high quality products and knowledge with the latest technology in handling critical operations in harsh offshore conditions.

During the last three years we have delivered several electrical and hydraulic tailored special umbilical winches for seismic and other off-shore activities. Together with our subsidiary, Ace Technology, we have provided complete packages including radio or frequency remote control systems.

Custom designed winches for the offshore market

Our customer references show primarily shipyards and international oil and offshore related companies such as Odim, National Oil Well, Sepro, Keppel, Petromarker, MacGregor, Norsafe and even military clients such as the the US Army. Based on their satisfying experience, most customers have repeatedly made new orders. Since 2004 our annual turn-over has increased and we expect a 100% increase from 2007 to 2008.

Lifting products supplied globally

Besides our home markets in Scandinavia and Europe, our products are operating in China, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas. Generally, we are familiar with climate and environmental challenges linked with tropical as well as arctic conditions.

Further expansion plans include new facilities, which will become available during the third quarter, 2009. In addition to spacious office facilities, the new workshop will cover 1,000m2. Production of the standard winches will be more efficient, and in particular, larger projects will be complied with quicker and easier.

Contact Details

BMS Davinci AS
Hålandsveien 29
4340 Bryne
Contact: Einar J. Ronæs (general manager)
Tel: +47 51 77 20 73